The Right Stuff

Now listen up! Recruiting now! But no space here for shirkers. No place for poseurs, imposters, three-legged donkeys or Bengal Lancers. Only the right stuff is allowed in the West Beale fly box.

Ceremonial dress not required, combat fatigues are de rigueur. The scruffier the better. Big or small I have a mission for you all. I don't care about your past history as long as it was catching fish. I don't care about your persuasion - we have both kinds here.  So fall-in, soft hackles on the left, stiff hackles on the right. Bead-heads form your own section - you're going on special ops. 

The new season is coming up. Synchronise watches, we're going in at night, hit the water at first light. Sink or swim, it's up to you. Good luck and if you get taken hang on, I'll get you out again, you can rely on me.