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celui qui cherche l'ombre - he who seeks the shadow

Like favoured pools after the rain, the mystery has deepened. And like many anglers before me, I'm perilously close to addiction - addiction for a fish that comes with its own folklore, for hard facts are not always so easy to come by. 
In France l'ombre - the shadow - and the French know a thing or deux about grayling. They are my winter fish and for better or worse I choose to chase them with a tenkara rod and weighted nymph. 

It's flies tied frenchman Stan at Nymph Évolution that fill the top and bottom rows of my fly box today - heavy ceramic larva at one end of my nymph spectrum and tiny size 20 nano patterns at the other. Courtesy of one of my favourite confectioners, Barbless Flies (yes, a dealer does come in handy when you don't have time to grow your own).

Exotic flies to catch an exotic fish. Well it does look so.. different, doesn't it, the grayling? A big grayling to me seems as if it's imagined from the pages of C S Lewis, a Narnian fish and not of th…

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