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tenkara in the edgelands

Edgelands.  Those in-between spaces of no-man's land, on the fringe of the city, where post industrialism exists cheek by jowl with raw nature. Neither wholly urban or truly countryside. Overlooked, neglected,undervalued and to be avoided.These are the places your mother told you not to go. This is the hinterland of polite society.

A far cry from the spiritual home of traditional tenkara, but theedgelands can be a rich hunting ground with  canals, flooded quarries, reservoirs, pounds and urban rivers all offering wild fishing to the open minded tenkara angler. Yes there are trout to be found if you know where to look, but there are also other worthy species -  roach, bream, chub, perch and many others too that will take a fly. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love nothing better than fishing classic tenkara for wild trout in some upland freestone stream. But that particular nirvana is a good days drive from where I live. So to scratch the tenkara itch I'm taking my rod and a fist …

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