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Karel Lansky usually finds the fish first. He usually catches the biggest and he usually catches the most. But it's ok because he's my friend. In fact I'm just as happy for Karel to catch the fish as I would be if I caught them myself. At least that's what I'm telling myself today. But in truth it's harder this morning than either of us had anticipated. Comparing our initial fly choice, it's interesting that we've both opted for pretty much the same kebari - a simple copper bead head with a black body and a brown swept hackle. I'm actually expecting a fish first cast, but pride as they say comes before a fall. We're fishing headwater up in the High Peaks of Derbyshire, England. It's so pretty here, and so are the trout, or at least from memory they are. Because a fish doesn't come for either of us, not on the first cast, or on the second or even on the hundredth, or so it seems. Fly-confusion sets in, as I resort to cycling through the k…

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