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kebari profile #1 - black rooster & peacock herl - trimmed & scraggy

Welcome to a  new series profiling some simple and effective kebari patterns. I don't know the provenance of most of these flies or if they have any particular name. Most I just sat down and tied one day when I had a particular need, and if they caught me fish I kept on tying them.  While I was making them I did think though about the materials used and how the design might lend certain properties to the finished kebari, and I thought too about the ways they would be fished. I don't formulate patterns to imitate any particular bug, but I think instead about how best to present a target to the fish that will trigger a take. This for me is the true essence of tenkara. Readers interested in further discussion on this topic may enjoy my earlier post here .  My good friend Karel Lansky over at tenkara on the fly puts it most succinctly when he says 'presentation over imitation.'  So first up, the black rooster and peacock herl stiff hackle kebari .  A fly to use

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