The River

Slow down,
slow your breathing down.
The river rushes past with chaotic urgency.
Slow right down. 
Let the myriad sounds of bright water wash over you. 
A new, steadier rhythm will emerge. 
Let this be your rhythm.

Stay low, move slowly. 
Tie on your fly. 
Take time, be sure of your connection. 
The sun is strong today but the trees filter and dapple the light, 
confusing the eye with ever changing contrasts and reflections. 
Look beyond the prism and you may see the shapes of fish in your mind's eye.

Each cast is unique and may never be remade

and a fish is but one of many outcomes.
Here in this place, the person you were has become the person you are.
In this place, the person you are becomes the person you will be.
For the river is time itself.

The River by David West Beale