non trout species on fixed line fly

There is a lot of fun to be had pursuing non-trout species with a fixed line fly.
In the US this has already become a well developed off-shoot from classic tenkara, with just about anything that swims in freshwater being tackled with a fixed line fly. 

In the UK we are quite a way behind. Tenkara still occupies a very narrow niche within our sport in general and is used almost exclusively here as a trout and grayling method.

But many other fish species will take a classically presented kebari and the challenge of catching them is every bit as absorbing as fishing tenkara for trout. Some species will need fixed line fly methods like fixed line nymphing or streamer presentations which push boundaries even further.

I hope to show on this page a little of what is possible, with a gallery of some of my favourite non-trout captures so far, together with a few links to my blog posts. Happy hunting! 

truly a most beautiful fish - a spring rudd on a size 16 beadhead kebari - click here

lovely hard fighting tench on a drifting shrimp pattern

lightning-quick dace on kebari - click here
stillwater perch on midge pupa - click here
stillwater bream on midge pupa
pike on tenkara streamer click here
a good weir pool chub on opening day on a traditional wet fly - click here

such a beautiful fish, an autumn roach taken on a size 16 bead head sakasa kebari