Tuesday, 28 June 2016

tying a shinobi daddy

We are all going to hell in a hand cart.
At least according to the press covering the current political upheaval here in the UK. So safe in this knowledge I did what any sane man would do and took to the tying bench. There .. very therapeutic, and in fact I'm on a bit of a roll. 

Following on from my last blog I've taken the daddy theme a bit further, this time with a shinobi style pattern. I just love the way big leggy and light patterns like this float like thistle down as they land. Then I got to thinking how this might lend itself to a 'kissing the water' style presentaion which is said to drive the fish crazy on the right day. 


For the uninitiated this is the trick of allowing your dry fly to settle oh-so-gently on the surface film for only a split second before lifting off and recasting to repeat - maybe several times before letting your fly finally settle. It's a kind of induced take technique that mimics those flies that skip about on the water's surface to lay their eggs. It's also very reminiscent of the flight habit of the daddy long legs. 

For anyone interested here's how  tied this one :   

Shinobi daddy

Secure a shinobi 7.5 hook in your vice

Run purple 8/0 uni thread down the shank to the bend and back up to the start of the shank in touching turns..

Take 1/2" (12mm) black 0.45mm silk bead cord and fold in half to make loop..

Lay the tag ends of the loop along the shank with the loop overhanging the front end of the hook (adjust this to give the loop eye size that you prefer). Run the tying thread back down the shank in touching turns to secure the loop eye, stopping at the hook bend..

Catch in a light brown cock furnace hackle tip to form the tail, secure with thread wraps then run the thread back down to the start of the tail..

Catch in three strands of peacock herl, plait them to form a rope and then wrap the rope around your tying thread.. and run the herl/thread rope back towards the front of the hook in touching turns to make the body. Leave enough space for the head to sit just behind your loop eye.. 
Take two matching black cock hackle tips and turn them front to front and catch them in upwing style and secure with a whip finish..

Now for the legs take six filaments of cock pheasant tail and knot each one a third of the way down to create a knee joint..

Tie them in three each side, the more splayed the better..

Finally catch in a some light brown furnace hackle just in front of the legs and wind it round and secure with thread wraps, building the wraps up just behind the loop eye to form the head. 

Trim the hackle short to give a fuzz around the head..     

It's done! 



  1. Love the long legs on that fly, should be hard for trout to resist.

    1. Thanks Ben. There's something about a daddy pattern that seems to get really aggressive takes..