Thursday, 16 June 2016

of minnows and monsters

Fish are swimming before me when I close my eyes.
It's something to do with the crystal clear water and light gravel bed of the river that has burned the silhouetted shapes of chub, large and small onto my retina. That and the past several hours spent wading and peering beneath the water to watch them hustling as they twist and turn for freshwater shrimps, and occasionally my fly. 

It's late afternoon and I'm back home. I've been up since 4am and I'm feeling knackered from a day of wading and scrambling and ducking and diving. But it's a small price to pay for spending the season opener on a wonderful little chalkstream, chasing chub with tenkara and my good friend Fred. 

It has been a good day, one to remember. So here it is, a day in pictures.

Fred on the stream today. It's crystal clear and the fish are spooky. Look at the fish in the foreground, they swam around our boots but were very difficult to catch!  

2016 account opened with maybe the smallest chub I have ever caught! We saw some real monsters but they evaded capture this time..
Fishing the weir pool in the village centre. We dead drifted nymphs and wets over a deep hole in mid channel.

Persistence eventually paid off. After many changes of fly this lovely chub took a traditional wet - a black pennel. The take was so subtle it didn't register on the french indicator but I struck when I saw the flash as it turned on my fly. A personal best for me on tenkara and a lovely opening day highlight. 
Ringing the changes with fly choice seemed to tease out a few fish when the action got slow. I was keen to try out my new pimped shrimp pattern..
..however, I didn't expect my first fish on the new pattern to be a minnow! A first for me on the fly.

Last fish of the day for me. A beautiful chub on the pimped shrimp, one of quite a few that came to hand for Fred and me before the fish switched off in the afternoon. No matter, account opened on a wonderful little river. Good fishing and good company and my first time out after chub on tenkara. What could be better?


  1. That's an awesome chub. Love the shrimp pattern as well.

    1. Thank's Ben, great fun on tenkara and every bit as rewarding as trout!

  2. I love fly fishing (tenkara particularly), for any type of fish and admire the fact you're sharing your journey with us all. But it's closed season for coarse fish and the chub are just about to spawn. Isn't deliberately targeting them a bit off?

    1. Incorrect my friend! It isn't closed season here in the UK - the river season starts on June 16th - yesterday in fact - when this visit took place.. Our chub have already spawned - which country are you in?