Friday, 24 June 2016

go daddy!

It's a bit of a beast
and certainly not a classic tenkara fly, but I intend to fish it with tenkara. 'Go daddy'  is for my latest dalliance, the chub. Big ones are renowned for their huge bucket mouths and liking for a good gobfull and daddy patterns often score well. The river I am fishing is gin clear and the fish are easy to spot, but they are of course easy to spook too. 

A feature of this stretch of water are the deep potholes that suddenly seem to open up here and there in the otherwise shallow stoney river bed. Depth can go from a foot to several in just a step or two so for wading it's a good job that the water is clear. The bigger chub like to sit in these holes waiting for food items to pass by. Last week I had some success swinging across these deep pools but more often the fish were reluctant to rise to my fly, which was suspended in the top foot of water. Some times a big chub would tilt over to look up at my fly though and I instinctively I felt I needed a juicier mouthful fished a bit deeper to close the deal. 

So I have cooked up 'go daddy' which will go where other daddy patterns can't (at least not without a split shot). The long trailing legs should be a nice trigger in the flow, particularly when the rod is lifted and dropped to manipulate the fly.

For anyone wishing to give it a go here is the recipe..

Hook - Mustad Drop Shot size 4 (I did say it was a bit of a beast)
Bead -tungsten 5mm
Thread - purple 8/0 uni thread
Tail - grizzle cock hackle tip
Body - rope of three strands of peacock herl
Wings - black cock hackle tips
Legs - cock pheasant tail fibres knotted once
Hackle - grizzle cock hackle

..and if you do be sure to let me know how you go!

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