Thursday, 21 April 2016

the hook is set

It was inevitable I guess, that the tenkara bug would eventually pay me a visit.
I have fished since the age of four, and believe me, by now that's more years than I care to count. For the past ten or so of these I have been locked in a love affair with fly fishing in all its forms. And like many of us afflicted by this wonderful madness that is fishing, it's an itch that needs frequent scratching.

Work and family life prevent too many trips away from home chasing fish so my expeditions are mostly local and brief. Sometimes this is just an hour before or after work or even at lunch time. The big advantage of this is that I get to fish frequently and at little or no cost. More importantly, I really do believe that numerous short sessions are far more productive than fewer longer visits, simply because there is more chance of dropping onto the water just when conditions are right. Oh, and yes I am sometimes a little late for work when the fish are really biting!

So tenkara with its stripped down minimalism seemed the perfect evolution for a pick-up-and-go approach to fly fishing and I was keen to give it a go. The waters near to me that I plan to fish are small streams and canals with lots of fish holding structure and sometimes limited casting room. I was very interested to discover that Esoteric Tackle on the Isle of Man have developed a specialist little zoom rod that fishes at either 2.45m (8ft) or 2.06m (6ft 9")  - perfect for the tasks I had in mind. I will write up a full review of this rod when I feel experienced enough to comment objectively, but for now let's just say that the rod feels extremely light and well balanced and surprisingly 'snappy' - perfect I think for flicking out stealthy, short presentations when it's all jungle-warfare. Taking this theme a bit further I love the stealthy colour scheme, matt blank finish and camo' eva handle which is comfortable in the hand and nicely tactile. My simple kit is complimented with a spool of Sunline Sniper in 3.5 line weight as level leader, some orvis tippet  from my cupboard and a really neat oni line spool from Raji Leica. So, all set - all I need now is to tie some flies..   

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